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2023 Horoscopes

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Positive, Inspiring and Holistic Astrology

A YouTube Channel dedicated to simple and inspiring astrology. Subscribe to watch videos in Hindi and English. Learn jyotish, interpret planet transits and give yourself the gift of holistic living.

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Holistic Lifestyle Channel

The second channel is dedicated to all things I don't discuss on the first channel like tarot, divination methods, life organization, life hacks, numerology, face reading, birthday astrology, chakras etc. 
It is the perfect supplement to my first channel and gives you practical tips to create a holistic lifestyle while discussing lesser known subjects.

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I will listen to you without judging you

While looking for our purpose in life, we look to our parents, mentors, peers and celebrities, mimicking their way of life to build a career and family. Often, this leaves us unfulfilled and our soul searches for more meaningful interactions. 

Holistic Astrology is a concept I designed after years of studying astrology and reading horoscopes. I have delved into various occult subjects- from palmistry to numerology and take great interest in mythology.

My idea of providing astrological guidance is to explore our true nature, find our most authentic self and align our life with its most meaningful path.

This is my Holistic Astrology, that depends heavily on themes of self exploration, course correction via karma and focus on a more natural way of life. 

An astrology consultation with me is nothing like anything you have experienced before. It is open, honest and very descriptive. I aim to quash your doubts and ensure that you become happier. The energy is best experienced than described. 

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Mountain Cliff Hiker

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

Carl Sagan

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Want to learn more about yourself? Want answers to questions about life, purpose and goals? Contact my team or book a session online

Get in touch with my team via WhatsApp/Telegram or email

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