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It's not astrology if it doesn't guide your actions

Born in Devbhumi (The Land of Gods) Uttarakhand, in a Devi-worshipping family, I have always had a natural inclination towards the divine. Through a myriad of experiences, both natural and psychic, a series of teachers and years of formulating a design that works for all, I like to call myself a holistic astrologer. 

I was first introduced to the mystic side of life due to my own curiosity, a strong faith in God and family traditions. This quickly matured to an inclination for the occult as a means to understanding life and the universe. My primary goal was to find "the meaning of life" which I searched for in puranas, mythological stories and folk tales apart from astrology. 

Over the years, talking to hundreds of people, naturally attuning myself to their vibrations and understanding what makes the human experience worthwhile, I understood one thing- astrology can be our guiding light. It could be a thread that leads us to a path of fulfillment, of realizing our true purpose and never feeling ill-at-ease again. 

I initially consulted people only via personal meetings but started my channel- Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology in December 2019. Since then, I have made several videos on nakshatras, rising signs, moon signs, sun signs and other astrological concepts, with the hopes that people get to learn simple, positive and holistic astrology that runs on inspiration instead of fear. 

My astrological inspirations come from many seers and gurus who came before me and Ma Bhagwati- the ultimate divine power that runs this universe. 

The money I earn via consultations not only helps me in taking my understanding and research in astrology forward but also helps fund school education for underprivileged children. 

If you like what I do, please stay updated with my work, consult if you are interested or donate to my cause. 

Thank you! Stay blessed!

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