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Courses & Coaching

Welcome to the Courses & Coaching section of Bhagyashree. 

Here, you will find services that we designed on your request. Currently, they include- 

1- Bhagyashree Total Makeover Plan

2- Bhagyashree Brihat Parashari 101 

3- Bhagyashree Student Mentorship Plan

4- Bhagyashree Beginner's Astrology Learning Course

All plans listed here will begin between January and April 2023. 

Bhagyashree Brihat Parashari 101
Bhagyashree Student Mentorship Plan

An eBook? Sure. Coming Soon.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

What Clients Say

"In 3 months, I have created better relationship with my husband. Thanks to Bhagyashree. Love you!"
Anurima Chowdhury
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