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Please note before scheduling an appointment

  •  If you would like to book for a different time slot than what is available below, please talk to my team via WhatsApp/Telegram at +91-7055419381. 

  • Cancellations can be done within 3 days of booking. Refunds will be made within 15 woking days. 

  • If you are not available during a scheduled meeting, you can always reschedule by messaging my team. 

  • I request you to please provide accurate date, time and place of birth while filling the form.

  • Some readings like "Life Reading" "Nakshatra report" etc. take a lot of time as all calculations are done manually. I request you to give at least 2 weeks time for these kundlis. 

  • Some consultations like Brihat Kundli, Sudarshan Kundli etc. may need more than one session (you don't have to pay separately for each session). Please talk to my team for making proper schedules. 

  • If you are unable to make payments by the regular metods, choose "Manual Payments". Then proceed to pay via UPI/Gpay or use the provided payment link. Don't forget to talk to my team via WhatsApp/Telegram at +91-7055419381. 

That's it. Hope you find the right option. 

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