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2023 In a Nutshell

2023 is going to be an interesting year for most of us. One of the factors that will decide the course of this year will be Saturn which will be in its Mooltrikona sign and degrees during the year.

The beginning if 2023

The year begins on a Sunday and we will hope that we will be able to emulate the powers of the Sun to make sense of our lives. Many people are also talking about the numerology of this year. 2023 is number 7 year, but I have talked about it on my second channel. You can watch it there. Today, we will be focusing on the astrology side of things.

So on Sunday, 1 December, 2023, we will be starting the day with a Vrishchik (Scorpio) lagna. I am taking time at 6 am in North India so the degrees will change depending on where you live.

Sun and Mercury will be placed in Sagittarius with Mercury going retrograde.

Venus and Saturn will be in Aquarius.

Jupiter will be in Pisces.

Rahu and Chandrama will be in Aries.

Ketu will be in Libra.

Mangal will be retrograde in Taurus.

In modern planets, Uranus will be retrograde in Aries, Neptune will be in Aquarius and Pluto will be in Capricorn.

So you can see that in the beginning of this year, Saturn and Jupiter come out as most comfortable because they will be in their own signs. Mars is still busy thinking a lot and Mercury is also being quiet and combust.

Now, this is the starting line and from here on, planets start their journey. Here is how all planets will be moving during this time.

2023 Transits


January 14- Capricorn

February 13- Aquarius

March 15- Pisces

April 14- Aries

May 15- Taurus

June 15- Gemini

July 17- Cancer

August 17- Leo

September 17- Virgo

October 18- Libra

November 17- Scorpio

December 16- Sagittarius


March 13- Gemini

May 10- Cancer

July 1- Leo

August 18- Virgo

October 3- Libra

November 16- Scorpio

December 28- Sagittarius


February 7- Capricorn

February 27- Aquarius

March 16- Pisces

March 31- Aries

June 7- Taurus

June 24- Gemini

July 8- Cancer

July 25- Leo

October 1- Virgo

October 19- Libra

November 6- Scorpio

November 27- Sagittarius

December 28- Scorpio


April 22- Aries


January 22- Aquarius

February 15- Pisces

March 12- Aries

April 6- Taurus

May 2- Gemini

May 30- Cancer

July 7- Leo

August 7- Cancer

October 2- Leo

November 3- Virgo

November 30- Libra

December 25- Scorpio


January 17- Aquarius


October 30- Pisces


October 20- Virgo


February 19- Pisces

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

April 20, 2023, Thursday

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

May 5, 2023, Friday

Annular Solar Eclipse

October 14, 2023, Saturday

Partial Lunar Eclipse

October 28, 2023, Saturday

Overview of the year

Now, when we look at how the year is moving, I think it becomes clear that we have a very expansive type of energy that this year brings. It is less focused on the individual and more focused on the world, the globe, humanity at large. In the beginning of the year, we will see the biggest transit of them all, Saturn moving into Aquarius. Now this is going to be an important transit because Saturn is in his own sign which is his mooltrikona sign. Both Saturn and Aquarius are rather airy in nature. Aquarius is the natural 11th sign because of which you will focus now on people, not you. These do not necessarily have to be the people you know. It is not about your sister or brother or friends. It is about people at large.

There the other big transit is Jupiter and he will be moving into Aries in April. Now, you can notice that Jupiter has completed another trip around the zodiac. So it will be starting fresh with Aries. And before Jupiter does that, he will be in the gandanta. Gandanta occurs thrice in the zodiac where fire and water signs meet. So… you see Jupiter pass through the gandanta and it eventually moves into Aries, sort of going through a phase of pressure and then finally being able to start fresh.

Now since Jupiter is here, it makes sense to also give a fresh start to life. Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the zodiac and obviously, you will not be seeing Jupiter here for the next 12 years. So it also signifies the start of something new. Remember, I told you that Saturn in Capricorn leads to destruction of old things and when he goes into Aquarius, he also initiates new things and new thinking. With Jupiter in Aries as well, you should expect nothing less than great changes. You may not experience them directly but you will see the benefits. For instance, let’s say AI becomes more powerful or digital learning etc. has become the norm now. So day by day you feel nothing, but things are happening and on a massive scale for sure.

The third big transit would be Rahu and Ketu who will move into Pisces and Virgo in October. As you can see, just like Jupiter, Rahu has also started a fresh cycle across the zodiac. Rahu is forever retrograde. So while other planets start in Aries, Rahu will move backwards towards Pisces and that is where he starts. Same goes for Ketu. He starts with Virgo. So again, you see this theme of new beginnings playing out in with the biggest malefic, the biggest benefic and the two mysterious, shadowy planets.

Key themes of 2023

Here are the 3 main themes of 2023

1) New beginnings

2) Focus on the people

3) New mass consciousness or mass movements