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Effects of Jupiter Retrograde on All 12 Signs

Jupiter will be going retrograde on September 4, 2023. This will be an interesting retrograde since it is happening in the sign of Aries, the beginning of the zodiac. Today we will be discussing the amazing effects of Jupiter retrograde. I have already made a video on the general effects which is listed above. Go and watch it. Now, let's get started.

Understanding retrogrades in brief

Retrogrades are very special timings in astrology. It is when a planet appears to be going backwards. Now generally, a planet doesn't go backwards. It is because of light and speed that it appears to be doing so. However, astrologically it holds a lot of importance. This is because retrogrades are times when we have to sit down, and take stock of things in our lives. We need to be wary of what we need to do and we have to correct the things we have done wrong.

This time Jupiter’s retrograde is special because this time it is happening right after Jupiter starts a new cycle in Aries. Moreover, when Jupiter is retrograde, 9 other planets including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be retrograde as well. This means that retrograde energies are really high.

So now finally lets talk about the effects of retrograde on all signs.


This is going to be an important event for you since Jupiter is retrograde in your sign. This means that the maximum effects of the retrograde will be visible on you. Thankfully, your sign lord Mars will not be going retrograde because of which will be a good thing for you. During this time, you may have issues with your father or with any seniors. Also, there could be significant confusion in your life and may have a hard time making any judgments. Your seniors and superiors may not be too helpful. You have to be extremely careful regarding your health because there could be general weakness for you. Moreover, there could be some financial loss and your financial position may suffer some issues.

On the flip side, this could be a good time to relax and not hurt yourself too much. Do not make any strong physical changes and avoid overexertion. If you missed a chance to go abroad and study, maybe you can try again this time. If possible, go for a complete health checkup so you can avoid any unpleasant situations in the future.


Things may not be too good for you because there could be multiple health issues during this time. Jupiter rules your eighth house as well as your eleventh house which means that some hidden issues may also crop up. You may realise that you have been completely oblivious to something super obvious. There may have been important issues you could have completely ignored, especially those related to your health. So make sure that these issues are taken care of. Be extremely careful of your health because again, some old hidden pains may resurface in your case. If you have liver issues, be extra careful during this time.

On the flip side, if you have made any savings or investments like FDs, mutual funds and all, it is a good time to just check them. Don’t do anything major there but just have a look at how much you have accumulated. You will do very well in general if you have been working on side projects or side hustles for a very long time and not many people know about it. For instance, Chandrayan. They were working on it but now that it is successfully launched, everyone knows about the scientists who have worked on it. So something similar could happen for you as well. What is hidden may now come to the surface. Be careful in your marriage and be very patient as well. This is because Venus rules your sign and it is also going retrograde


Jupiter is the lord of your seventh and 10th houses so love, marriage and work could also be equally affected for you. Don't forget that your own sign lord Mercury will be going retrograde twice by the end of 2023. This will lead to a lot of communication issues with your partner as well as your workplace. So you may not be able to say what's on your mind properly or your way of communication could be very problematic. The people in your life may not even wish to communicate with you or they may also withhold information from you at this moment. The same can happen in your relationships as well.

On the flip side, you would be doing very well in places where you have to work within systems without thinking too much on your own. So this could be a good time for those who are following instructions. Stay calm and let it pass. If you want to communicate something with someone, write the points down first and then speak.


Jupiter is the lord of your sixth and 9th houses and thankfully, Moon, your sign lord, never goes retrograde. Due to this, you will be spared from a majority of issues that are coming for other signs. Due to this unique positioning, your life will become a lot more hectic. You may have to work too much and you will finally understand what taking responsibility feels like. You may finally realise that the people in your life are actually taking away a lot of your burden. So you will also start appreciating them for their work.

If you believe in God or in any other higher power, if you respect your elders, your father, your gurus and seniors, this is the right time to show them that you truly care for them and respect them. Make them believe that you will not be a kid forever and that you are finally ready to shoulder the responsibilities of a householder. Now, I am not talking about just kids. There are people who are in their late 30s, who are yet to become the man of the house or the woman of the house. This is the right time to do it. Please be very careful of the water you are drinking and the air you breathe.


This is a good time to figure things out. Jupiter rules your fifth and eighth houses. Because your sign lord never goes retrograde and is thankfully the reason why we all exist, you will be relatively safe from the issues. This could be a good time for you to see how much you can flourish in life. Learn to plan big and also make sure that you are not letting things slide. No matter where you want to move ahead in life, make a plan and get it done.

For Leos, I would suggest not to get too confused. You don't have to add things to your life. You have to remove them. So instead of thinking too much about what you can do more, think about where you have been wasting your time and energies and remove those things from your life immediately. Do not wait any longer as it will not be fruitful for you. When you prioritise things like this, you will have a much clearer picture of what you want and then it will be easier to achieve things in life.


Jupiter rules your fourth house and 7th house. Plus, your sign lord Mercury will be going retrograde twice till the end of the year. This could bring a lot of surprises to you. Your house and car and other assets may demand maintenance. So maybe you have to service your car or it meets an accident and you have to pay money and make expenses. You may feel a bit detached from your customs and your native culture for a while. Apart from this, your mother could be facing issues in her health. So make sure that you are taking great care of her health.

Apart from this, your subconscious mind will be throwing a lot at you during this time. Obviously, it will not be easy to manage situations. For instance, you may suddenly remember that embarrassing thing you did in the 4th standard. So you feel second hand embarrassment here. Ask yourself what is this trying to tell you? Is there a lesson you could learn? Is this something that can change you or improve you? If you are in a relationship, please be careful because you may not be entirely attached emotionally. This is a phase however and it will pass.


Jupiter controls your 3rd and 6th houses. Your own sign lord Venus is also retrograded during this time. Jupiter and Venus are natural enemies. Now because of this your daily life could become very stressful. You will have to face too many people, challenges will come a dime a dozen. You will have issues with your partner but children may support you during this time. Basically, children could be a source of strength who always keeps you happy. If you don't have children of your own, then maybe spend time with children in general. That would really be helpful in keeping you sane. You need that childhood innocence at this time. Since it is the lord of the 3rd house we are talking about, siblings could also create issues for you. So be careful.

On the flip side, this is a good time to understand where your true strength actually lies. You may finally come to understand what your authority is in life and why you should be focusing on using it. Now imagine, Hanuman ji coming to know that he has magical powers. That is precisely what will happen to you also. You will also realise your potential and your powers and I hope you are able to use it for good.


Jupiter controls your 2nd and 5th houses. Thankfully, your sign lord Mars is not retrograded but you may not be as lucky as Aries during this time. You could have issues with family wealth and there could be challenges within the family regarding this as well. If you have tried to make investments somewhere, like real estate or anything else, you could face a loss so keep your eyes open. With financial losses we usually believe that even a single rupee lost is a huge mess. Well actually, everyone has a certain capacity to bear losses. SOmeone who earns 1 lakh/month and has 20 lakh in savings will not bother too much with 10k loss but someone who earns only 10 months will have a huge loss with 10k. So understand and assess your risk and loss bearing capacity before going in panic mode.

On the flip side, since your 5th house is also in question here, it could be very important to speak what is on your mind. You will have to check what you have received from your family and what you want to give to your children. SO maybe you got 1 lakh rupee from your family but they all shout like crazy. That is their value system. So you may want to keep the money but you may want to teach children to be polite. So making decisions in this regard will be crucial for you.


Jupiter rules your 1st and 4th houses and its retrograde motion is obviously going to affect you considerably. SO first things first, stay alert of aches, pains and gastrointestinal issues. Also beware of increasing weight as this may cause considerable trouble for you during this time. However, don't stay hungry to lose weight. That is the worst way to lose weight. The health of your mother may be a little bad. However, you will come across a lot of deep hidden insecurities in your life. So let's say you have always been earning well but you always were insecure that you will lose money or maybe you will look older or something similar. And this might crop up. So you have to learn to handle such insecurities as well.

Overall, this is a time when your mistakes and insecurities will bother you a lot and you will have to come to terms with it. You will have to know that you have made mistakes and a lot of Sagittarians have made mistakes regarding money. So that could be a major pain point. For others, it could be about not doing the right things at the right time. So basically there is a mismatch in who you think you are and what you are doing. Painful time but you can come out of it like a butterfly.

Butterfly reminds me that I will be uploading a video on butterfly symbolisms on my second channel Bhagyashree Holistic Lifestyle Soon. Make sure you watch that.


Jupiter controls your third and 12th house and your sign lord Saturn is also under retrograde at this moment. This could lead to several different types of conflicts and karmic patterns for you. First things first, there could be issues with siblings. You will have to talk to them consistently to ensure that they don't feel inimical towards you. Because eventually, fighting with your sibling doesn't bring any good. You may be misunderstood by people during this time which is actually very common with Capricorns. They are misunderstood in both good and bad ways.

As a Capricorn, since Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograded it will be crucial to not take any big decisions. Whatever you are deciding, don't do it before November or you may face a lot of setbacks. Be very careful of the places you are devoting your energy to. It may be likely that you are using your energies on the wrong thing which may never be able to give back enough. So be more realistic, think again and see what is realistically feasible for you. If the answer seems too far ahead in time, if the reward of your efforts will come 20 years later and still not be enough, there is no point in continuing. Use your energy elsewhere.

Aquarius- sansar ki sabse dukhi rashi

Jupiter controls your second and 11th houses. So first things first, your money is in trouble. This is not new for us, is it? Matlab is saal ham logon ne paise kharch karne ke alawa aur kiya kya hai. Nothing’s left for God's sake. Anyway, baki ke sal bhi aisa hi kuch hone ki umeed hai. Our sign lord Saturn is also retrograde at this moment so right now, it is better to stay back and not do everything right away. That is how we will be saved.

So you want to buy that cute dress or that car? Wait. Don't do it immediately even if you have the resources. For instance, you want to get a car and you have 4 lakh rupees for down payment. You think you are getting a good offer also and you buy it, just because. No. Don't do it. Sit on that decision and do it later. Maybe in November or December when Saturn is out of retrogression and Rahu-Ketu have changed signs. But don’t do it before that.

Also, don't ask for anything right now. Don’t demand anything. You too, need to remove things from life instead of adding them. So take a stock of how much money or assets you have, take a stock of your investments but largely learn to remove unnecessary and unimportant things from life. That will help and make your transformation complete.


Jupiter controls your first and 10th houses and its retrograde will affect you guys more seriously. At this time, be extremely careful about what you are eating. Your food habits have to be very carefully guided. Clean your kitchen, never eat stale or bad food. Like frozen foods or let's say frozen pizza. Why is it here? It looks so sad. So eat fresh and clean whenever possible. Aslo, give your kitchen a very thorough cleanup. You too could have issues with the liver, so be very careful with the food, It's a very serious suggestion.

For you too, money spending could be out of control and you could suddenly make a professional turn. You remember that in the Pisces lagna video I told you that Pisces have a habit of suddenly turning and doing something completely opposite of what they were doing. AT this happens at least once in their life. For many it happens more frequently. But yes this is the time when Pisces get this urge of just changing everything and being more in control of things.

But remember Pisces, no matter what it is you are doing. Have some gratitude and basically just be happy that you have been blessed so far. Your decision right now could be the right decision but make sure you have done your homework. Okay?

So that's all for today. It was a very long video and my throat is done. So see you later. Hope you have a good time and hope Jupiter retrograde helps you in understanding yourself better and making your life more fulfilling.

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