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February 2023 Planetary News and Horoscopes

So how was your first week with Saturn in Aquarius? For me, it was a rollercoaster ride like always. So all things and everything was delayed, I entered a negative spiral briefly where I was not feeling 100% and in fact for a very brief moment I just wanted to shut down everything and run away.

Apart from this, I also felt like I need to stop paying attention to a lot of things in life. I was thankfully able to take a couple of good steps in life. I also noticed how small things looked too big at times. You know you are thinking in a way that you make a mountain out of a molehill or that you consider someone a lion when they are nothing but a housecat.

So a lot of things happened and I also came in touch with a lot of individuals of the Aquarius sign and I absolutely loved talking to them.

Festivals and important dates of February 2023

Feb 1- Jaya Ekadashi

Feb 5- Magha Purnima

Feb 6- Phalgun begins in North

Feb 13- Kumbha Sankranti

Feb 16- Vijaya Ekadashi

Feb 18- Shani Truyodashi and Maha Shivratri

Feb 20- Somavati Amavasya

Planetary movements February 2023

Feb 5- Saturn goes Combust in Aquarius, Dhanishtha. Will remain asta till March 14. This is the exact duration in which Saturn will also remain in Dhanishtha.

Feb 7- Mercury to Capricorn (first movement in 2023)

Feb 13- Sun to Aquarius

Feb 15- Venus to Pisces

Feb 19- Neptune to Pisces

Feb 24- Mercury goes Combiust (Feb 24 to March 27)

Feb 27- Mercury to Aquarius

February 2023 Monthly Horoscopes/KarmaScopes


Aries will have a good month in February 2023. You will get chances to increase your income. In fact, new income sources will rise. This will help you in staying financially stable. In this month, you can work hard and get great results as well. The focus will be on you. So it is likely that you don’t even realize that you are neglecting your relationships. Don’t let that happen. Everything is better when you have someone to share it with. So take care and good luck.


You too will be able to gain good money but there will be unexpected expenses or losses that you will have to face. There will be overall happiness and a sense of achievement. Career will be better overall and you will be able to make a good impression. It is generally a good time to work on new ideas, specially in business. However, there will be no shortage of opposition. So you will always feel that something is going on but overall, it will be a successful month.


There are some mixed results when it comes to Gemini in February. While there are chances of increasing your income or making better gains, it is also highly likely that you face issues at your workplace. Some Geminis will either have to bear a lot of expenses because of their health while some will face problems at work. Now this generally depends on how Mercury is placed in your chart. If Mercury has a problematic relationship with Saturn, then yes, there can be bigger issues than expected. In such a case, always remember to take a deep breath before saying or doing anything. Just take a deep breath and take a step back before doing anything too good or too harsh. It will save you.


You could also face issues related to your health and there can be problems created by water or kapha that may bring you misery this month. In terms of career and finances, things look a bit gloomy but they will improve over the month. In fact, you should be in a much better place in the next two months. For now, it is better to work on your confidence. Cancer natives are being a bit too shy and a bit too reserved. They are shying away from taking the bold steps necessary to bring their life forward. If you don’t do that, you continue living in a cycle of happiness, then plateau, then misery. But if you learn to be more confident and assertive and take control, you will be in a much better place.


This is not the best month for you. There will be a lot of pressures and challenges that you will have to bear. So I won’t paint an unncessarily rosy picture for you. However, I want you to focus on the fact that hard times help in creating tough people. So if you are not ready to understand what life throws at you, if you do not grow with these challenges and come out with flying colors, things will look more difficult in the future. If you need any kind of motivation, just go and watch any sports movie where an underdog wins in the end by sheer perseverance against hard times. Watch Rambo or Kung Fu Panda. I love Kung Fu Panda. It is amazing. I think it is one of the greatest movies ever made . 🙂


I won’t call this month challenging but I will definitely call it weak. So its not providing you with any great support but there is no great challenge as well. In such a circumstance, it all depends on your own power of will. How much are you willing to do, how much effort you are willing to make to keep going forward. You will be able to overcome all the problems that you face in your career. The expenses will be higher this month, so be careful for that.


This month is slightly problematic in terms of finances. So you will have to become a lot more pragmatic in managing your finances. Make sure that you are not thinking too much because you have a habit of overthinking. Make sure that you focus on finding the right path and don’t go astray. You will find a lot of advice on things- specially how to handle your life, your money and your home. But do not get too involved with the advice you are getting. In fact, my suggestion is to keep away from taking any major decisions this month. Things will improve slowly so allow them the time to do so.


This month will become progressively better. So it may not start on a very good note but it will keep getting better as time goes by. You will have to focus on being courageous this month. Do not shy away from challenges and do not believe that you are not good enough. This month, work will take up a lot of space in your life. In fact, it will be less core work and more talks like meetings and conferences etc. That will tire you out while also not getting the core work done which will be doubly frustrating. So keep a check on your emotions there.


This is a good month for you. It is trust me. This month will bring in a lot of good news, specially to people who are bold. Generally, people born in Sagittarius are bold and very decisive about what they want to do, even if that seems stupid to the whole world. Once they have decided it, they will get it done. So this month, your boldness will pay off. You can take big decisions in life with ease. You can decide what you want to get done. You can do whatever plans you had in mind and find mild to mega success. It is good in terms of money, career and even relationships.


The beginning of this month can be troublesome in terms of expenses. You too will have to spend a lot and most of it will not be voluntary spending. It will be related to places where you have to spend as an obligation. So maybe you have to help your brother out in a wedding or some family function. Or maybe you have to spend a lot in hospital bills. Generally, it will become better as the month progresses and you will be in a good place at least financially. In terms of career and relationships, it could be very stressful.


This is not a very good month in regards to health. Good news is that your financial status will improve. So you will be able to get rid of debts or your income may improve. For many individuals, it will be both. So income will improve and debts will be gone as well. You will realize that your financial burdens are not that big. They are simply not managed well and if you put in a little effort, they can be managed quite well. Career and relationships both will remain challenging till the first half of the month but things will improve considerably in the second half.


This is genuinely challenging for you people. There will be changes and upheavals in your life that may not be easy to manage. This month you will have to work really hard on creating a positive mindset in order to get rid of problems. You will have to think from a positive but very rational point of view. Challenges will come from all areas of your life. But it is your will power that helps you in overcoming these challenges. Since Pisceans are emotional people, they like to think through their emotions and how they feel about something. Maybe it is time to deviate slightly from this habit and think from your heart.

Remember that movie Iqbal, where his coach says think from your heart when he points to your brain? That’s what you need to do this month.

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