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Happy Solar New Year- April 2022 Monthly Newsletter

The mighty Sun entered the sign of Aries on April 14, 2022 marking several festivals across the nation. Different states in India follow different calendars but there are two common ways of deciding the new year- Solar and Lunar.

Which New Year do you celebrate?

When you look at different calendars across the Indian subcontinent, you find two

major themes- Solar calendars and Lunar Calendars. As the names suggest, Solar Calendars decide months by the movement of the Sun while Lunar calendars calculate months by the movement of the Moon.

Majority of Indians celebrate New Year by the Lunar calendar. This means that New Year starts on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada or the 1st date of the month of Chaitra in the waxing moon cycle.

However, for some other communities across the country, specially the border states (this is what I have found truly interesting), the new year is decided on the day of Sun's transit in Aries- the first sign of the zodiac. I come from Uttarakhand and hence, our n

ative new year and all our months begin with the Sun.

P.S. This is the reason why I decided to provide monthly newsletters in the middle of the month- coinciding with the Sun's transits in different rashis.

Depending on the Moon's movements, the difference between the Solar and Lunar new year could be a few days. This time, it was around 13 days or approx. 2 weeks.

Welcoming the Sun to Aries

Whether you celebrate the Solar New Year or the Lunar New Year, you are now experiencing Sun in its full glory. This is because Sun is exalted in Aries. If you look at Shri Ram's chart, you will notice the Sun in Aries, in the sign of its exaltation. This is why Ram Navami falls in the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Hanuman Jayanti is also celebrated after Ram Navami. In both charts, you will see how the Sun plays an important role in keeping the values of both Shri Ram and Hanuman ji intact. It provides them integrity, faith and lasting glory.

In Aries, Sun is beautiful, fresh and happy. It is entering a fire sign ruled by Mars. Note that both Mars and Aries are fiery. The Sun is the hottest of all heavenly bodies in our vicinity and hence feels comfortable in this environment.

In my video on Aries Lagna, I explained how Aries is the beginning of all creation. In our system, the Sun is the guiding force, the beginning of all creation, the sustainer of all life. Therefore, it only makes sense for the Sun to feel happy and content in the cosmic furnace where life is created.

With Sun entering Aries, people with Aries ascendant and Aries Moon Sign can feel more energetic. This is a good time to start worshipping the Sun and

ward off any malefic effects that it may pose on your kundli. This is a good time to be strong and have more integrity, channel the inner wisdom and follow the path of Shri Ram.

The Sun is strong and powerful here, which means the rise in temperature as well. Expect more hot winds and some mild summer storm conditions as well. Protect your plants and pets and make sure they are well hydrated. Follow the same principles for yourself.

Transits this month

Till Vrishabha Sankranti next month i.e. May 15, we will see several changes happening in the sky. Here is a list of these changes-

Vedic transits

  • Mercury in Taurus- April 25

  • Venus in Pisces- April 27

  • Saturn to Aquarius- April 29

  • Solar Eclipse- April 30

  • Mercury Retrograde- May 10

  • Mercury combust- May 13

  • Sun to Taurus- May 15

  • (Lunar eclipse- May 16th)

Modern transits

  • Neptune to Pisces- April 18

Major themes this month

This month has several major themes that will decide the fate of the new

year. For starters, Jupiter moved into Pisces creating Hasma Yoga. This is a unique transit as Pisces is the own sign of Jupiter where it feels comfortable in the cosmic waters.

The second major theme would be Saturn's temporary transit into Aquarius. This transit will bring some relief to people born in the sign of Sagittarius as their Sa

dhe Sati is temporarily warded off. People born in Pisces will be experiencing the effects of Sadhe Sati as it temporarily begins for their sign.

Finally, there is the Solar Eclipse followed by a Lunar Eclipse. These two events will change our course of life and bring about further renewal. The themes of endings and beginnings will continue to be important this month as well.

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