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Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction On April 12, 2022

The spiritual and religious planet Jupiter will be conjunct the dreamy planet Neptune on April 12, 2022. This unique conjunction will be triggering dreams and intuition. What else does this event hold? Let's find out.

Understanding Jupiter and Neptune

Jupiter is the planet and signifies religiosity and spirituality. It is considered the biggest benefic in the planetary system. The powers of Jupiter lie in keeping people happy and providing them with abundance- food, wealth, respect and a lot more.

Neptune is the dreamer - it dissolver everything. In my studies, I have found Neptune to be very similar to Ketu but in a very dreamy way. It is a planet that talks about dissolution of the ego. I also find this planet to have very spiritual connections.

Effects of the transit

If Jupiter is an important planet for you or if you have your ascendant or moon in Pisces or Sagittarius, or if you have Neptune in Pisces, or it is placed in the 1st or 12th house, you may notice an incredible increase in your dreams. These dreams will generally be more vivid and some of us may even experience incredible lucid dreams with many details.

I am generally a vivid dreamer and have even jokingly said that I dream in HD. However, this past week, sleep has betrayed me and I have experienced more lucid dreams- complete with colors, sounds, tastes and very clear faces of people. These dreams are not easy to remember as I mostly only remember a small fragment but the experience when I am asleep is on another level.

Apart from this, there will also be an increase in people experiencing premonitions and deja vu. More people will experience sudden insights and may also feel like they are getting a higher level of intuition than usual.

The coming together to Neptune and Jupiter is no small feat. Both planets will inspire things that are beyond the level of human perception. The highly intuitive and perceptive will see this in a different light. Their experiences will be more detailed. They may also feel like they have caught a glimpse of the future and it will be incredibly delightful.

Some of us may also experience some strong memory of the past or something related to our ancestors suddenly occurring in our dreams. For me, the experience was similar as I saw both my grandparents, not together but separately, in two different dreams. Both happened in a huge, immaculately decorated house with people who I knew (I do not remember exactly who) as they came and gave me their blessings.

Remember, that this conjunction is happening right at the borderline of Aquarius and Pisces, two of the most highly intuitive and spiritual signs with deep and esoteric meanings. This is the end of the cycle for Jupiter but this will also be the beginning of a new cycle.

Note that Jupiter will enter Pisces just one day later on April 13. This will unlock new meanings and new ways of existing for us. Watch out!

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