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Jupiter Transits in Pisces- April 13, 2022

Jupiter will be making its much-awaited transit into its own sign of Pisces on April 13, 2022. This transit will lead to several changes in our life as Jupiter's 12-year transit across the zodiac is coming to an end. What will this transit do for you? Let's find out.

Understanding Jupiter and Pisces

As you already know, Jupiter is the biggest benefic in the zodiac system. It controls most good things that we can dream of- money, wealth, prosperity, children and in the case of a woman's chart, the love of her husband.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and the natural occupant of the 12th house of your kundli or birth chart. Pisces talks about a dreamier state of life. In the lowest manifestation of its energies, Pisces talks about imagination, dreamland and a relaxed state of being. Pisces is a non-confrontational sign. It is mature and has lived many lives which gives it experience.

Pisces is the highest manifestation of water signs. It is ruled by Jupiter and has several deep and esoteric meanings. The only other sign that matches to its level is Aquarius- the highest manifestation of air signs.

We must note that Pisces and Jupiter both connect to the spiritual way of life. This sign understands the futility of life and knows that there are dimensions beyond the world we live in. It can connect with other dimensions, get blessings from ancestors, get premonitions and beautiful dreams.

The transit in Pisces

Jupiter will be transiting in its own sign of Pisces on April 13, 2022 and will stay here throughout this year. Jupiter in Pisces is a beautiful placement because the sign is owned by Jupiter. This means that the biggest benefic of our system will be placed comfortably in its own house.

This will bring great things for people born in Pisces ascendant and Moon Sign. It could bring great life changes for you. You can now get sudden insights about what you want to do in life, how you want to create a life that aligns with your personal goals and values and more.

In general, this transit will be good for most of us. It will help us in getting insights and blessings from our ancestors. We can definitely get more interested in spiritual, occult and esoteric pursuits. Since Pisces also has a habit of escaping from the most confrontational and unpleasant situations in life. These qualities will get highlighted and multiplied.

This means that many people, specially those who have a softer heart, will find it difficult to manage their day-to-day life. They will also want to escape into the world of fantasy. There will be an increase in fantasy novels and movies, a heightened sense of imagination as well. People who can escape the daily routine full of negativity will definitely do so. Others who cannot run away, will want to escape into the world of imagination.

This is one of the few things that most people will not tell you. Jupiter comes to the end of its 12 -year cycle when in Pisces and it ties up many loose ends during this time. It will continue doing this throughout the year.

To check the effects of this transit, check the house placement of Pisces in your chart. For instance, if you have Aries ascendant, this transit will happen in your 12th house. The effects will be visible in that area of your life.

Have you started experiencing the changes yet? Let me know.

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