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Mars Retrogrades Back Into Taurus

Mars is currently retrograde in the sky and will enter Taurus on November 13. It entered Gemini in October and quickly made its way out of the sign. But instead of moving forward, the planet moved back into Taurus.

After going retrograde on October 30, Mars is now entering Taurus again. Here, it will spend the rest of 2022 in relative ease thinking about its actions. Let's find out how this works for us.

Going back to the mother

Astrologers often talk about the rigid rules of how planets perform when they enter a sign. This leads to soiled old predictions that stink. The deep meaning of astrology hides in plain sight.

"Bhaum" is another name for Mars in Hindi and Sanksrit. It means 'born of/son of the Earth/Bhumi'. Go back one year and check how Mars has behaved in the past 1 year. It has spent a considerable amount of time in Capricorn and will now spend a long time in Taurus. Both are Earth signs, i.e. signs of his mother.

When do you go back to the comfort that a mother provides? When you feel troubled, vulnerable and apprehensive, you run back to the safety of the mother. Mars is doing exactly the same.

When it entered Gemini, it felt uncomfortable with the chatter. Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, a highly mentalized planet. Mars recently moved out of Taurus, the earth sign, and felt awful in Gemini. It was like a child leaving his mother or his home on the first day of school. He is overwhelmed with emotions. He can see children his own age chattering their way around. Some are full of energy, some want to make friends and others are equally scared. Mars runs back to his home.

In a similar way, Mars went to Gemini, the sign of peers and friends. It was overwhelmed with possibilities and came running back. It will spend some time thinking about its actions before moving out again.

The significance of Mars retrograde in Taurus

Mars is the planet of action and enthusiasm. It powers our muscles as its energy rages on in our blood. But in its current position, this planet is not feeling good. Note that Mars is playing an important role in the sky right now.

Saturn, the planet of challenges and karma, is in Dhanishtha, a nakshatra owned by Mars. Rahu is in Aries, ruled by Mars. Not only this, the Total Lunar Eclipse will occur in Aries. This is the last total lunar eclipse till 2025. Mars will get direct aspects from Sun, Mercury and Venus as these planets enter Scorpio. Not to mention that Scorpio is Mars' own sign.

The activity of the current time is dancing around Mars while the planet quietly retreats. The usual fieriness of Mars becomes subdued as the planet ponders on its actions. It will rethink all its decisions and ideas. It will create better strategies for the future and it will make better decisions.

Once it comes out of this trance-meditative state, it will be in a better position to take on the world.

This is a good time for self reflection. You may want to ask yourself a few important questions. Ask where you spend your energy and why. Correct your course if you need to. Relax. Meditate and find a better solution.

Signs affected by Mars retrograde in Taurus

The retrograde takes place in Taurus. So people with a Taurus ascendant or moon sign should be careful. Rethink your decisions and think about rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Do not waste more energy than needed. This could be a time of retreat but do not lose your focus.

People born in Aries and Scorpio also need to be careful. Aries natives should think twice before making money or investment related decisions. Scorpions will dive deep into their psyche and find gems of wisdom. Both will notice that a deep focus on the self is necessary to move forward.

Rest of us just need to be careful with our actions. There is nothing we cannot accomplish. But it time asks us to slow down and take a break, we must.

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