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Mercury Transits in Taurus- April 25, 2022

Mercury is hopping ahead of the Sun and will be moving into the sign of Taurus on April 25, 2022 where it will stay for the next few weeks. The sign ruled by Venus is all about bringing homely comfort. Will the quick Mercury be able to handle these energies?

Quick Mercury likes Taurus a bit too much

While Mercury has been moving through the zodiac at very fast speeds, its movements have been haphazard in the past on year. In 2021, it moves through signs quickly, only to fall back and go retrograde multiple times. This year, it is stalling in signs for long. The planet did not make a move in 2022 until early April. It then quickly passes through Aquarius, Pisces and Aries to enter Taurus, where it intends to stay for more than a month. This movement of Mercury will bring relief to people born in Taurus. The sign experienced the wrath of Rahu for 1.5 years and is finally coming to terms with its sanity.

Note that Mercury will also be combust for 24 days during this transit.

The Results

Mercury in Taurus seems like a generic benign Taurus, except for those born in Taurus. This planet will now bring more clarity of mind. In fact, most of us ill now be focused a lot more on earning more wealth- both in terms of money and in terms of knowledge. We may want to invest more and save for a rainy day. We may want to improve our bank balance as well.

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