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Super Blue Moon- August 30-31, 2023

The month of August is a little different compared to other months of the year. This is because August will be seeing two full moons this year. One was on Aug 1 and the second is on Aug 30/Aug 31 depending on where you live. This moon will be called the Super Blue Moon. So let’s understand more about this moon from the vedic astrology and divination perspective.

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What is a Blue Moon?

You must have heard the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ which means that blue moon doesn’t occur frequently. According to some ancient customs, the blue moon is a time when a calendar month has two full moons. Given the cycle of the moon, this is only possible with longer months like August which has 31 days. The cycle of the moon is roughly 29 days. The blue moon occurs once every 2 to 3 years. This is not an incredibly rare event but definitely an uncommon occurrence.

Sturgeon Moon on August 30-31, 2023

According to the Old Farmer Almanac this August moon will be called the Sturgeon Moon. Sturgeon is a kind of fish which was caught during August. As the number of these fish increased and hunting became more common, it was called a Sturgeon moon.

Extra Shravan Purnima/Adhik Shravan Purnima

According to the vedic or Indian principle, we have an extra month added to Shravan in 2023. The Hindu month of Shravan is observed in July-August each year. However, Indian astronomers understood that the Sun and Moon’s orbits don’t directly correlate. While the Sun spends about 30 days in a sign, the Moon only spends about 2.5 days. Consequently, when calculating a year, the mismatch between the two timings creates troubles.

To ensure the smooth functioning of the Indian calendar, astronomers add an extra month every once in a while to coordinate the cycles of the Sun and the Moon. This year, an extra month was added to the month of Shravan which led to a 2-month long Shravan. We also witnessed two Shravan Purnimas. The second one was called Adhik Shravan Purnima.

But why do we call it a Supermoon?

Now we have understood why we are calling the August 30-31, 2023 moon as the Blue Moon. This time, it has an additional moniker- a Super Moon.

A Super Moon is a special astronomical event when the Moon comes close to the earth on a full moon night. This is because the orbit of the Moon around earth is not entirely circular. Therefore, the moon is not always at the same distance from the earth. When the moon comes closer to the earth on a full moon night, we call it a Supermoon. It can appear as a huge white disc in the night sky and looks spectacular.

What will happen during this Super Blue Moon?

Whether it is India or other ancient cultures, full moons are considered auspicious events. This is especially true for women whose monthly cycles correlate with the moon. The synchronicity of women’s periods with the cycles of the moon is well documented across the globe.

People with a creative bent of mind will also be affected during this time. The Moon is an incredibly creative planet with a focus on expression, beauty and arts. Therefore, creative and artistic people will feel more alive during this time. The effects will increase because it is a Supermoon.

The moon is the earth’s closest neighbour and it doesn’t just affect tides on the planet. It also plays an important role in giving life to this planet. Humans too have a special connection with the moon. People with a troubled moon often think too much, become anxious and troubled by their own emotions. On the other hand, people with a strong moon become strong, resilient and go-getters.

Tips for the Super Blue Moon-

1- Keep your space clean and organised. And give it space to breathe.

2- Do Yoga and meditation regularly. It will be a great day to start this practice if you haven’t already.

3- Set intentions and start something with good energy. Since there will be an abundance of energy, use it to set the right intentions. If you use affirmations, do use them even more. If you want to start with them, good day to start with them as well.

4- Cleanse your crystals. If you own any kind of crystals, it would be good to cleanse them with the extra energy provided by the moon on this day.

5- Journal. A lot of us have an incredible number of thoughts during this amazing full moon. So write them all down and make sure you get it all out.

6- Grounding. If you are a woman, it would help to do some grounding exercises on this day and feel good about who you are. Recharge your feminine energy and feel special.

I hope this was helpful for you and the Super Blue Moon will bring some amazing things into your life. Take care and good luck.

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