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Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries on November 8 2022

India and the world will experience a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries on November 8, 2022. This will the last eclipse of 2022.

The total lunar eclipse will be visible in most parts of the world, except for Africa and Europe. Western USA, Eastern parts of Russia and Australia and Japan will see the full eclipse. India will only see it a fraction of the eclipse.

Planetary positions at the time of total lunar eclipse

On November 8, the Moon will be in Aries, Bharani nakshatra with Rahu (north node or Dragon's head).

It will get a direct aspect from the Sun and Ketu, placed in Libra.

A combust Mercury with a combust Venus will also aspect the Moon from Libra.

Mars will be in Gemini, Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. Both Mars and Jupiter will be retrograde.

The meaning of an eclipse

You must see a lunar eclipse as an astronomical phenomenon first. Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets in vedic astrology with no real existence or mass. They are mathematical approximations that depict eclipse points. Malefic in nature, both Rahu and Ketu can tinker with the way our mind functions. As they are eclipse points of the Sun and Moon, they can drive us towards obsession or disenchantment.

On October 25, the Sun came near Ketu's eclipse point. On November 8, Moon will come near Rahu's eclipse points. This is why eclipses always happen in pairs, because Rahu and Ketu are always 180-degree apart.

Let's understand it further. The Sun moves one sign in about 30 days while the Moon spends only 2.5 days in one sign. On October 25, both the Sun and Moon were in Libra, along with Ketu's eclipse point. On November 8, due to the quick movement of Moon, it has moved into Aries near Rahu's eclipse point.

What does the total lunar eclipse mean for you?

If you are born in Aries (ascendant or Moon), you will see the effects of this eclipse. This will be even more powerful if you are born in Bharani nakshatra. If you are living in or traveling to the places I mentioned above, the eclipse effects will heighten.

If you are born with Moon in Bharani and living in California, USA, you experience becomes intense. This is because Bharani will be the nakshatra where the eclipse takes place. California will also see the full eclipse which heightens its effect.

But, if you are living in Africa, the experience becomes less intense. If you want to know more about yourself using astrology, book a consultation.

Aries natives should avoid conflict in November. It is better to avoid "final solutions" for the problems you face. Instead, let things be as they are and take the slow and steady approach. The physical and emotional health of your partner needs attention. Focus on what you have and what you value instead of things you hate.

Libra natives should focus on self love. Everybody makes mistakes and has a few perceptions that can be wrong. Change these perceptions to find peace. But first, learn to love and forgive yourself. You are not perfect. No one is. Unless you accept your imperfections, you will not find peace.

Cancer and Capricorn natives should focus on relationship building. This isn't a good time to take decisions based on reason or intuition alone. Blend them together to get the best of both worlds.

Scorpio natives should be careful of self sabotage. You have a habit of ruining beautiful prospects because of your self-sabotaging behavior. Get over it.

Everyone else will do well if they keep calm, avoid getting angry or anxious. Do not start new projects for a few days. If possible, dive deeper into meditation.

Special CAUTION- If Moon is weak or afflicted in your chart, you can experience anxiety. You may experience sadness and mood swings. Some natives may experience a bout of extra energy that doesn't last long. Do grounding exercises to feel better and in control.

The total lunar eclipse in Aries will be a unique way to end the 2022 eclipse season. It is intense and high-energy and leaves us with more questions than it can answer. Note that Venus ruled Bharani nakshatra where the eclipse takes place and it is combust. Mars, the lord of Aries, is also retrograded.

There is energy, but lack of action. Promise, but no result. With a retrograded Jupiter, results will take longer to manifest. Saturn's powerful last lap in Capricorn further delays results. A combust Mercury adds in some confusion to the mix.

It is best to stay put and let 2022 pass.

We will have more things to do in 2023. Not everything demands immediate attention.

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