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Venus in Gemini- May 2023- Time for New Attractions

On May 2, Venus will be moving from its own sign of Taurus to Gemini, a sign that loves communicating with peers and which is ruled by Mercury. And this interesting transit may make us find new people to love. Let’s find out how that works.

Today we are discussing Venus transit into Gemini which is happening on May 2, 2023. On tis day, Venus will be entering the airy and bubbly sign of Gemini. Now on a lot of occasions, we are guilty of seeing Gemini as a chatterbox. I do that as well. But in essence, Gemini is a sign of couplings- not just romantic. But the coming together of two very similar, but slightly different things, ideas or people.

For instance, you and your peers, your friends, grow together in the same environment but you still have slightly different personalities. You and your siblings were born in the same house to the same parents and you went through similar circumstances together but there is still some difference between you two. Even though you are closely connected. So Gemini also talks about bringing together these things.

Remember that Gemini is the natural occupant of the third house which is the house of your peers, your siblings and your efforts. And what is usually the first effort we make- we make it via our hands and our voice, and that is ruled by Mercury.

So when Venus, the very gentle planet that loves to love, enters the sign that loves to talk and make groups and circles, what happens, we see amazing things happen. Venus is not under any pressure in Gemini and that’s why it works very freely here. Remember that Mercury who owns this sign is both retrograde and combust in Aries.

This will only change in the second half of this transit because will move out of Gemini on May 30. So the best side of Mercury will only be seen post May 15 but its not like we will be in a mess before that as well.

The effects of Venus in Gemini

The Gemini Venus is very much interested in becoming part of new groups and starting new friendships. It likes to enter new arenas in life. That is why attraction to new people and ideas can be seen here. So its not always romantic but yes new attractions to people is common during this time.

When Venus enters Gemini, it wants to connect people by talking a lot. So you don’t really want to want to “do things together” but you want to talk about them. Like how every kid wants to be a cricketer or wants to start a band and they talk to their friends about it. And other kids who like the idea too come along and viola! you have a mini band at your disposal.

Now since it is Venus, and it signifies a wife or women in a man’s chart and how a woman generally responds in a woman’s chart, we will be focused on quick-witted women who talk a lot. Not trash talkers, mind you. But women who have very good, very strong conversational abilities.

Here too, I am not talking about snake-oil sellers, people who will con you or convince you into buying stuff but people who know how to make a communication flow well.

Venus and Mars together

It is important for us to note that Venus will not be alone here in Gemini. Mars is already occupying this space but we will not see a Mars- Venus conjunction because Mars will be moving out of Gemini on May 10. And since Mars is the one moving away first and Venus gaining power here, I am certain that physical or sexual needs will not be as important as just chatting and spending a good time with the one you like.

However, this is a great time to go on weekend trips, engage with people and just generally be a nice person who is social and outgoing. So good luck .

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