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Venus Transit in Leo- August 31, 2022

The planet of love and luxuries, Venus will be transiting into the fiery fires of Leo in August. Even though Venus will be placed 11th from its own sign of Libra, it will be having troubles in the fire sign. The mild nature of Venus is in direct contradiction with the aggression of Leo which leads to Venus becoming barren here. But how far will this transit go into subduing the results of Venus? Let's find out.

When will Venus transit in Leo?

Venus transits Leo on August 31, 2022 where it will stay till September 23, 2022. During this time, Venus will be making a close conjunction with the Sun, free from any direct oppositions.

Venus transit in Leo- a barren Venus?

Venus is the planet of love, luxuries and finer things in life. Even though it is connected to Daitya Guru Shukracharya, the guru of the daityas, this planet is considered to have more feminine energies. It is a mild, soft and gentle planet that moves quickly. It is full of wit and understands the pleasures of life- however simple of extravagant they might be.

Leo, on the other hand, is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leo represents the aggressive, fiery vitality of the fire signs. Ruled by the Sun, it is immensely hot and has great potential for burning things down. It is the giver of love and light, but get too close and you will definitely get burned.

Considering this opposition between Leo and Venus, the beautiful and mild planet is considered barren here. The markings of love and devotion could easily be wasted if you are not paying enough attention. There has to be a very careful approach to love to make anything happen.

Note that Sun has also entered Leo. This means that temperatures will rise, making Venus even more uncomfortable here. That is not to say that all bad things will be bunched together for Venus.

Why the barren concept?

Before we look at the heated temperature of Leo, let's understand what Sun and Venus stand for in more detail.

The Sun represents authority. It is the foundation of our solar system. It represents established systems, hierarchies and duty. The Sun is hot and quite literally burns itself to keep the solar system going. It is fixed in approach, sometimes rigid in attitude but mostly a very disciplined presence.

Venus represents beauty, love, peace and harmony. It stands for diplomacy. It wants to make two parties talk, connect and work together. Venus is basically the epitome of attraction. Without Venus, no two people will look eye to eye.

Here stands the contradiction. While Sun is about the authority of the self, Venus is about the relationship with the "other." In the house of the Sun, these qualities get amplified and you feel ill at ease. There is love and attraction but both the traits leave the centerstage and lurk somewhere in the background.

Is it the end of love for you?

Of course not. In fact, Venus in Leo in certain positions could make you attractive (even though you could be devoid of true love and may always feel lonely). When paired with the Sun, in some positions, it could give you access to or the company of very powerful women, whether romantically, platonically or in a business relationship.

For others, this could bring in a steamy romance that they will remember for quite some time. Loving relationships will not be affected unless the ego of the Sun takes over the harmony of Venus. The chances of this happening are not slim. Therefore, be extra careful and extra forgiving in your relationships and see them grow with ease.

Hope this works in your favor.

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