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Venus Transit in Pisces on April 27, 2022 + Venus-Jupiter Conjunction on April 30, 2022

Venus, the beautiful, mild and calm planet will be making a move in Pisces, the sign of its archrival Jupiter on April 27, 2022. While here, it will be exalted and will have a close conjunction with Jupiter on April 30. Let's find out what this means for us.

Venus goes to Pisces

Venus will be transiting in Pisces starting April 27 for about one month. While here, it will be exalted and give its best results to us. It is interesting how the planet is exalted in a sign owned by its enemy.

The magic of exaltation

In general, the entry of Venus in Pisces is considered great. It is like relaxing in your bed with your beloved after a long day of work. It is pleasurable, sweet and enchanting. Pisces is the natural occupant of the 12th house of your kundli, which denotes isolation, separation from the material world as well as bed pleasures. Venus loves the latter- it loves to exist in harmony and unity with the rest of the world.

Pisces is a watery sign - in fact, it is the highest manifestation of water in the zodiac. This is why it is expansive, deep and almost dissolves one's entity completely. While we are in love or isolated from the world in deep meditation, we are dissolving our ego or the essence our being. Venus loves that too. No wonder it is exalted in the sign of Pisces.

How does this affect us?

The results of this transition will be felt across the world. We will be more inclined to achieve things that are transcendent, romantic or spiritual in nature. We will now want to dedicate ourselves to things that truly make our forget our egos. We want to do good, but more for ourselves. This is not selfish, but the first step towards creating a new future.

We will also be more inclined to go into isolation- either alone or with a beloved. This is why, people who are in love, must confess their feelings. If the feelings are mutual, you could enjoy a truly amazing time with your partner. However, if they are not reciprocated, these feelings will quickly dissolve, without leaving you high and dry. People who are already in a relationship must find more time to spend with their partner. Tell them how much you love them and don't forget to leave little love notes. Flowers, fragrance and sweet kisses should be your love language right now.

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction on April 30, 2022

As Venus enters Pisces, it will be in a very close conjunction with Jupiter on April 30, 2022. This happens as we experience a solar eclipse as well. The conjunction will be very critical since Jupiter and Venus together means a planetary war between the two.

Even though both planets are generally beneficial, when very close to each other, their energies collide. Both gurus fight for the opposite sides and hence, have a few disagreements. On this day, as the solar eclipse also envelopes us, let's find time to trust our intuition and stay put.

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