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Venus Transit in Scorpio- November 11, 2022

The planet of love meets the sign of passion. But even with this sensual combination at play, we will experience a rise in spirituality. The current planetary positions suggest an increase in hidden pursuits. Let's find out what Venus holds for our future.

Understanding the transits

Venus is combust in early November. It will remain combust as it moves into Scorpio, away from the influence of the Sun. Then the planet races off in the natural 8th house to come out of combustion on November 21.

It will enter Scorpio on November 11 and stay here till December 5, making it an almost 3 week long transit. The gentle planet will stay only enjoy solitude for a few days as a combust Mercury joins it on November 13. On November 16, the Sun will also move into Scorpio.

This Venus transit is important because it is happening in the sign of Mars. But a very important thing about Scorpio is that it is co-ruled by Ketu or South Node.

Ketu is the shadow of Mars. While Mars is passionate, Ketu is dispassionate. Mars is enthusiasm and energy, Ketu is apathy and lethargy. Mars is passions of the flesh, Ketu is the entry into the divine.

Mars connects with your flesh- muscles and blood. This planet is necessary to experience flesh pleasures or worldly pleasures. Without Mars by your side, you may feel lethargic and irritable. Ketu is the natural mokshakaraka of the kundli. It provides moksha or renunciation from the world.

The tug of war between Mars and Ketu

As co-rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Ketu enter a tug of war. The sign represents hidden secrets, desires and pleasures. At the same time, it represents an interest into the occult. Scorpio is the sign of tantra and even some taboo spiritual practices.

When Venus enters here, it becomes a part of this warfare. The gentle planet hasn't had a great time in the past few months. It first entered Leo, where it went barren. Virgo challenged its interest in intimacy. Libra, its own sign, remained hostile because of Sun's extreme heat and eclipses.

When Venus enters Scorpio, it is still combust and scorched by the Sun and looking for relief in the watery sign. The tides of Scorpio waters aren't gentle. Its first ruler Mars is currently retrograded in a special position called ati-vakri. After entering Gemini, the planet quickly retrograded and went back to Taurus. It is reshaping itself and gathering supplies to manage the chatter of Gemini.

This makes Mars busier than usual to handle the affairs in Scorpio. The second ruler Ketu is sitting in Libra after the eclipse season with ease. It is 12th from its own sign. It signifies loss of material things and interest in non-material things. Our interest in the metaphysical increases and we become more inclined to explore.

The true meaning of Venus transit in Scorpio

As it transits into Scorpio, Venus gets affected by Scorpion secrecy. It wants to hide its own passions. It is gaining interest in activities and knowledge hidden from the world. It wants to enjoy, but in private.

Take the example of the dating scene. It is connected with intimacy and beauty- Venusian qualities. A few years ago, dating someone meant finding them at your school, workplace or a bar. Your acceptance or rejection was public, more or less. Now with dating apps becoming more popular, your interest in someone remains hidden. Your friends don't have to know if you swiped right or left, or if you even used dating apps. Initial conversations and even first dates can be more discreet. Not only this, these dates can happen with people from outside your town or usual friend circle.

This adds elements of mystery, secrecy and the thrill of the forbidden fruit to dating. At the same time, people get attracted towards forbidden knowledge. Since Ketu should be considered stronger at this moment, and it is placed 12th, it increases spiritual interest. This too remains hidden, or at least private. This means reading books on astrology and occult or practicing chakra meditation. It could also mean learning more about crystals and healing. Alternative physical healing systems like Reiki also gain prominence.

This transit is benign and will not hurt most people. In fact, with Mercury and Sun entering Scorpio later, its qualities will only enhance.

The Sun's entry into Scorpio alongside Venus and Mercury will raise your confidence. If you are a Scorpion by ascendant or moon sign, consider this a good sign.

If you are a Taurus native, get prepared for happiness but take good care of your partner's health.

For the rest of us, it is a harmless transit that will only make us more intrigued with forbidden knowledge. I consider this a great time to learn yoga and meditation.

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